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cher mais fonctionne bien

I wish the precast on these were more consistent. It seems that some rolls are precut and others not. Or half way through a roll it is no longer precut.

Like the large size

Wish it was made in 3 sections so the gel wouldn’t end up all at one end. The large size is pretty good for knees, could be a bit narrower and a bit longer so it would wrap right around. Freezes quickly and the thickness makes it retain the cold for a good length of time.

pretty good. a little bit thin.

Pregnancy bolster

It is comfortable but I don’t suspect it will hold up over time. The vinyl covering tolerances are sloppy. Definitely looks like a home diy product. Literally could have made a better one myself.


I need massage table

1st purchase

Very happy with my purchase. Exactly what I ordered, with no hassle. Good price as well. Would definitely recommend.

Flannel Massage Table Sheets 76"X30"- Fitted Sheets 100% Cotton -Each

Tens 7000

Love it easy to use feels great, helps with tense and sore muscles, to wash the pads I put I bit of water on my fingers and wave them a. It to dry still stickywipe the skin off the pad with my wet fingers, pads wil last longer

Hagina Japanese Mint Oil

I first tried Hagina Japanese Mint Oil (HJMO) 5 years ago while visiting Vancouver. It was a miracle in a bottle relieving the pain in my neck and shoulders from travel. I have searched for it in Health stores in Ontario without luck. Recently receiving my order is a dream come true for my arthritis and the stress induced by this pandemic. HJMO has calmed my pain and relaxed my stress.... I have shared my order of 12 bottles with friends and they are amazed by this product.... I am so very grateful for HJMO- an absolute Miracle in a Bottle!

Best heating pad ever

This is my second purchase. The first one lasted well over 7 years or longer of almost daily use until I accidentally damaged it (my fault entirely). The length of the pad & moist heat are invaluable for my back and leg issues. The safety features are very important to me as well (auto shut off & heat settings). I'd give more stars for a rating if I could.

Unsealed liquid products

I purchased Germosolve and alcohol 70% from your company but it was not sealed. I can not trust the products that are not sealed.

I love using Japanese Mint Oil for headaches, tension and sore spasm muscles. The best on the product.

Biotone Advanced Therapy Gel 1 Gallon

Smooth Exam Table Paper 18"x225' (12 Pack)

Excellent product

Received very wyicklt

Worth while purchase

Shipping was quick. The traction device arrived in perfect condition, love the carry case. This machine is clinic quality. Very easy and comfortable to use. Awesome to have the ability to do treatments at home. Worth every cent.

very good Face Cradle Covers(100pack)

Product shipped and recieved very quickly. What I ordered and works well.


It works great, I’m happy to have purchased it

Luxurious Disposable Face Cradle Covers (100 Pack)

Tens 3000 gets a 10!

Excellent product and Therapy Supply provides outstanding service!