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PICKUP IN STORE Anma Portable Massage Table Fully Loaded

My son says it's really helpful

It slides around a bit on him but he says he feels more confident with it on.

Functional but durability?

This unit has a power outlet plug that is exposed and somewhat fragile for use in a busy clinic. I would recommend a dedicated cart to minimize risk of damage. Unfortunately, i can’t use a cart in my busy clinic.
Delivery and dealing with provider is excellent. Would recommend.

Pleased with product

Very simple to use and clients love it. Highly recommended.


I received 12 flats and 12 fitted. I run a small business so it was a decent sized purchase. When i was unpacking the order and putting it into the washer I noticed several red pen marks on the sheets. I called to request new sheets, the man answered the phone with "hello" and then told me how to remove the pen marks myself. Won't be ordering from here again and will never recommend them to anyone.


This product was very helpful. Can I purchase another vinyl seat?

Bios diagnostic TM modelBD 850 lot code 0807 11078

Quand je prends ma tension il semble bien fonctionner maiS indique toujours à la FIN.....FULL
Est-ce une défectuosité ? J'ai changé les piles et c'est toujours le même problème.
Garantie 7 ans
Espérant avoir satisfaction

Mme Françoise Després #616 Boulevard Henri-Bourassa Charlesbourg Québec G1H6X7

I loved everything l ordered. From the good quality soft linens, cover face lotion, warm sheet and towels .
The delivery was fast.

Thank you so much.

Excellent Product

I have had bilateral inguinal hernias for about 20 years. Both have been surgically repaired but one has recurred. I have never had any success with trusses which did not contain the hernia and were very uncomfortable.
I have used the Pavis hernia boxer brief for the last 9 months and have found it to be far superior to any truss I have used in containing the hernia, comfort and ease of use. I purchased the Size Large which fits perfectly although I would normally wear Medium underwear. I find it most comfortable to wear over my boxer brief underwear. Once I had determined the best placing of the pad I stitched along the edge of it to minimize it moving around but still allowing it to be removed.

Fast delivery

Quality is fair but satisfied for less wrinkle fabric.
The package was broken when it arrived.

Easy to work with

I find the adhesive strong enough to stay in one place without irritation which I struggle with at times. Stays in place and love that are not precut !!

Good machine

I have used it several times in the last few weeks. Pain was relieved while being used. Am glad I got one that could be plugged in so I don't worry about battery life. Downside is i have to stay near a plug and have to deal with more wires! Still working it into a routine. Feels just like electro-acupuncture. Can also be used with the battery.

The sheets were nicely finished, however thinner than we would have liked.The price is good.

not great

too heavy... can't squeeze under for neck support. Don't know why some chiropractors recommend them.

Instant Arthritis Relief

I originally got these gloves for my mother 15 years ago, and since she has passed, I have been wearing them. Recently bought a new pair. The orange lining gives so much heat and comfort. They don't limit movement much so daily chores can get done. It is really hard to explain...but it works for me!

Deluxe- Massage Table Warmer Pad - 30"X73"

Not happy with this purchase . Poor quality and piling a lot. Dye is still
Coming out after many uses.

Good Quality

Although it's a little expensive it is well made and I am pleased with the overall performance of the product. It allows more frequent traction treatment of my neck problem and saving on many expensive physiotherapist visits.

Great product for 20 years! And I just ordered another one

Loved it for so long until it was slowly wearing out. So this new one seems really good too!
Customer service was great!

BTNX Rapid Response COVID-19 Antigen Test (5 Pack)

Very Satisfied Customer

I couldn't have asked for better! I received exactly what I ordered in great time and at a great price!

Effective treatment for my 96 year old Mother. In a time when it is impossible to get an appointment with AHS on short notice, this portable ultrasound enables us to get ahead of her osteoarthritis flare ups before they are painfully out of control.

Excellent Cushion

I am short and old!! I used an ObusForme Gel Seat Cushion for years in my car so I could comfortably sit a little higher when driving. Now I need an ObusForme Gel Cushion so I can sit comfortably in my recliner! Great cushion as it doesn't holds and supports! People who sit in my chair always say, "oh, nice chair!". I correct them by saying, " no, nice cushions seat"!