Serola Sacroiliac Belt

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The New Serola Sacroiliac Belt provides stability to the base of your spine that increases strength throughout your back, hips, and legs. The Serola Sacroiliac Belt reduces your chances of injury during work or play.

The Serola Sacroiliac Belt is the only belt designed to normalize the function of the sacroiliac joint.

  • Non-elastic layer mimics action of ligaments
  • Additional elastic layer provides compression and helps maintain correct posture
  • No irritating buckles or pads
  • Does not replace muscle function - improves muscle function - increases strength throughout the body
  • Can be worn for extended periods without causing muscle weakness or atrophy
  • The Serola Sacroiliac Belt - It Works While You Work!

Studies conclude that the sacroiliac joints are important sensors of large force streams between the trunk and legs in which the largest muscles of the body are involved. In this respect, the sacroiliac joint functions as a multi-directional force transducer.


  • CAUSE: With the emergence of the science of biomechanics, the sacroiliac joint has been shown to be major biomechanical cause of low back pain.
  • EFFECT: Sprained ligaments in the sacroiliac region cause imbalanced muscular responses which lead to structural compensation patterns, muscle spasm, weakness, and back, hip, and pain.


  • Designed to Compress & Support Sacroiliac Joints
  • Relieves Stress & Instability
  • Breathable, Moisture Wicking, & Hypoallergenic
  • Increases the Strength of Your Back & Reduces Chances of Injury


The Serola Belt is worn around the hips, not the waist.

  1. Small (30" to 34" Hip Measurement)
  2. Medium (34" to 40" Hip Measurement)
  3. Large (40" to 46" Hip Measurement)
  4. X-Large (46" to 52" Hip Measurement)

Customer Reviews

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Nancy Ellis
Keeps me active!

This helps me keep skiing, mountain biking and doing all the things I love. After years of SIJ problems, this has made a huge difference to my life.

William Ochitwa

After placing my order (April 14) I was notified that the item was not in stock but would be available at end of April. This product was the second that I purchased so I was aware of the quality. I could have cancelled but didn't and did receive the Belt prior to month end, Shipping was included in the price which made it a better deal than several suppliers.. I am satisfied with the product and service.

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