M-Brace M-Spine Lumbar Brace - #574

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The M-Spine consists of 5 separate pieces: A corset fitted with 8 flexible steel stays, a covered lumbar thermoplastic panel, an abdominal thermoplastic panel and two lateral panels.


• Supports from sacrum to T-9 level. 
• Post-op: Following stabilizing surgery,following lumbar disk surgery. 
• The addition of lateral panels makes this brace indicated for the treatment of burst fractures. 
• Degenerative pathologies: Osteoporosis, lumbar-sacral vertebrae complaint, protrusions, arthrosis. 
• Lateral Panels Included. 
• Muscular pathologies: Muscular contractures. 
• Practical and easy to fit, it adapts perfectly to your body. 
• This corset acts as a corrective measure and as a support to postural defects. 
• Breathable and non allergenic, 100% cotton 
• Back is 13” high
• Front is 8” high
• Abdominal Panel slips inside front pocket
• Back Panel is 15” high


The M-Spine lumbar-sacral orthosis is designed to support the patient at all stages of his/her recovery. The moldable panels are to be applied post-op without delay for effective immobilization, and kept in place throughout the rehabilitation phase. Later the corset, worn alone, can be adapted to provide comfortable daily support thanks to the progressive immobilization capabilities of our unique locking system featuring inter-crossed straps and flexible plastic-covered steel stays. Combined with our comfortable and breathable knitted cotton fabric, you get a result that speaks for itself: Perfect patient compliance.

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