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Best linens I have ordered yet

I'm very pleased with my purchase. They are the colour I expected them to be, packaging arrived in excellent shape, they are thick and not "see through". The size is great and I appreciate how they are long, as well as wide. I can fit all of my bolsters underneath and still have overhang on the table. (I use flat on flat)
I would purchase these again.


Great product. Very useful. However, they are too expensive

perfect for cupping

these wipes are great for disinfecting my silicone cups

rough material

this is very rough material, however it does wash well and is not see through but do not expect any softness...

Great product to assist in reducing inflammation

- easy to use and is durable - sizing of cuff is as described.

Money well spent

It really helped my Mom to manage the pain after her hip replacement operation. Thank you

Hernia brier

I’m finding the hernia brief very comfortable and holds the hernia in quite well. It’s a good idea until surgery can be preformed.

This work so well when I finished deep tissue massage after I put it on my client in haven ❀

It’s worked so well I love it and my clients also ❀


Very comfortable. My patients love it. Hope it's durable

No receiving yet never received

The transporter never delived thé order.... I what a refund for my order thank

Soft fabric

Nice covers, the fabric is soft and thick enough to keep faces off the plastic.

talking part ok but major porblems with the cuff

I find the supplied cuff is very hard to use. I bought the monitor for a visually-disabled person, and that makes the use of the cuff even more of a problem. I am trying to get a cuff with the same size of cuff intake connector but one that is easier to fix on the arm. I will not give the cuff your company provided to my visually-impaired friend. I even had the local pharmacist place the cuff on me to confirm that it is not easy to set up the cuff. She got an incredible measurement result. She then used the pharmacist's monitor on me, and got credible, repeatable results with the pharmacy's cuff.

Vega Patella Stabilizer #40

Helped me a lot especially going down hills hiking Found stretches out a bit and would definitely buy on the smaller end of range when sizing
Will know more as I try playing racket sports

OK straps for securing electrodes

I ordered these straps hoping to use them for joint stability application (knee) but they are too flimsy and donot provide enough tensile strength at all. They are OK straps for electrodes but way too expensive to buy them for that reason. Cheaper ones do the job and cost a fraction. I really was looking for knee joint stability straps and neoprene ones work but these are too thin.

Swollen knee and leg

I use the air cast cuff at least twice a day. I do not have pain in my knee but uncomfortable swelling. The cull gives me relief and seems to be reducing the swelling. I should have measured the before and then the progress.

Awesome Table-

This table is going to save my back and prolong my career. Game-changer.

owner is very kind and quality is so nice

I really feel satisfied the services. The owner is cool and nice.
I really want to buy other product forever !!
Thank you !!!!!! your product and your warm heart are the best !!!

Great product

Product does everything it says. Reduces swelling in a hurray. Totally pleased

The wheel chair is very good and the staff were very helpful, I will let the people in the building know where i got the chair

Good review

Cushion is good. Have been using Roho for years.

I purchased two different Pavis hernia support products. The Hernia blocker brief and later, because of issues with the fit, not size, but fit, the Boxer. Both do what they purport to do, support the abdomen.
But both suffer issues related to the inferior quality of the elastic waist band material used.
Why Pavis, at that price point, wouldn't you spend a few extra few dollars for more appropriate waistband for your products? i.e. one that is wider and doesn't fold over and roll down from day one. It is a historically well-documented problem which you seem to continue to ignore.
Example: The waistband on The Hernia Blocker brief needs to be wider and much more substantial to avoid the constant need to pull it up to maintain support.. (to the point where the inside bottom of the brief irritatingly chafes the family jewels.)
The Boxer is much more comfortable , but it too needs a better quality elastic waistband , one which like the Brief, does not roll down from day one.


product is okay for the price. the face cradle wouldn't go into the slots properly. not heavy duty; comes with multiple sizes of cushions.