truRelief™ IMPACT Therapy Device Thermal

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Introducing the new revolutionary massage gun - the truMedic® truRelief™ IMPACT Therapy™ Device Thermal. This high- performing device features a hot and cold massage head that you can hyper-target specific problem areas with. Effectively relieve your sore muscles faster through impact therapy and hot or cold treatments. This all-in- one compact design includes three intensity levels and five massage heads to customize the massage to your liking.

High-Performance, Hot and Cold Relief

Relieve sore muscles through hot or cold impact therapy treatments. This all-in-one compact design includes three intensity levels and five massage heads to customize the massage to your liking.

Interchangeable Heads

Switch between 5 unique massage heads that help target different points of the body.

Temperature Range

Select from 3 temperatures for both our Heat and Cold options to better suit your situation and provide optimal results.

Heat Therapy

Increases circulation by expanding the blood vessels. This can help reduce pain and relieves cramping or aching muscles.

Cold Therapy

Slows the rate of inflammation and reduces the risk of swelling and tissue damage. It also numbs sore tissues and acts as a local anesthetic to slow pain from injuries

Customer Reviews

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Vienna Nowell-Steciuk

Very promp. Was a gifr they loved

Avis Osher

I use the heated vibration on muscles that are tight. And the ball ending for pressure points

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