Heavy Duty Transport Chair: MHTC22 22 inch Wide

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  • Powder coated steel tubing
  • Dual cross bars
  • Removable desk length arm rests
  • Swing away foot rests with plastic footplate
  • Steel caster fork
  • PVC armpads for extra comfort
  • 12 1/2" rear mag wheels with PU tires
  • 8" x 1" front casters with PVC tires
  • Heavy duty, nylon reinforced upholstry with a black carry pouch
  • Push to lock wheel locks
  • 450 lbs weight capacity
  • 22" wide seat
  • Seat to Floor Height 19"
  • Available in black


Made Steel
Seat Width 22"
Rear Wheels To Foot Rest 39"
Rear To Front Wheels 26"
Rear To Rear Wheels 25"
Rear Wheels 12.6" PU tires
Casters 8" x 1" PVC tires
Seat To Floor Height 19"
Weight 48 lbs (22 kg)
Weight Capacity 450 lbs
Color Black
Warranty Lifetime Limited Warranty

Customer Reviews

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Heavy duty mistake

It is with a heavy heart that I did not for see or maybe quite understand how it was going to be dealing with this company but I sure do now, first off it came a little late but that wasn't a big issue what was the issues or issues is when it did arrive the box was ripped and torn so much so that it's a wonder anything survived and they tell you that if your item is to be returned it must be returned in it's original package, ok. We managed to remove it from it's box and the minute I seen it I knew it wasn't whet I could use, I wanted a chair I could use in the house to walk around in, the seat was to high for me to do this, I needed a chair that would fit in my bathroom door, now I had made sure of the measurements on this but when we tried it wouldn't go through and the reason being is the front wheels extend out and not directly under the front of the chair, it's also hard to open and close needing two people to do this. UPS delivered the chair and when we seen the problems I was going to have I called to have it picked up but the person I talked to could barley speak English so I tried another location, this time I spoke to a very nice lady who then told me to return the item I would need a return label from the company so with is in mind I checked the return info and was told that they would charge me the sum of $89.00 to make such a label up, why I don't, guess it cost a lot for sticky paper but considering I paid $5.00 for the chair I said ok and was told he would fax it to me, fine but I don't have a fax machine so he said he would mailit and then I was told it would have to be returned in the original container because the reuse it,, yeah , don't think so, I told him the condition of the box and he didn't seem surprised and I also told him we patched it up the best we cold., he then dropped the bomb that it was going to cost me another $198.00 for shipping and handling, and I was shocked. I asked him if he was kidding and he replied "no", I said to him, " you mean to tell me the chair I paid 500.00 for will cost me $300.00 to return and was told, "looks that way" and I said'" so you're telling me I would be better off putting it in a corner and dust it off once a week?" and he replied, I guess so" and at that point I just hung up knowing I would get no satisfaction. I have never ordered from this company before and will never again so this is a heads up to anyone looking to buy from here read there policies close and don't get burnt like did. They got my$500.00 I got burnt!

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