Dr. Ho's Small Replacement Massage Pads 4 Small Pads

Dr. Ho's Small Replacement Massage Pads 4 Small Pads

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Dr. Ho's electrode gel pads are sized to accurately target spots that cause pain or tension.Use them on your neck and shoulders, wrists and hands. 

  • Extra sticky
  • More comfortable
  • No pins & needles
  • Long lasting
  • Reusable 70-100x
  • Fits all Dr. Ho's systems


  • Attach the Electrode Gel Pads to the connecting wire
  • Peel off the plastic protective cover - Please keep this cover, as you will need to cover the Electrode Gel Pads after use
  • Apply water to the sticky surface of the gel pad and wait several seconds
  • Apply the Electrode Gel Pads to the muscles that need relief
  • Connect the wire to the Pain Relief System
  • Enjoy the massage and let the Pain Relief System sooth away your pain
  • After each use, please replace the plastic protective cover onto the sticky side of the Electrode Gel Pads

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michelle Galipeau

the pads you send me are not the good one for my circulation promoter
Hope to receve the good one whit the long cord
l want 4 packs thank you

Ginette D'Amours

Very good

Exactly what I needed and delivered quickly

My Dr Ho’s machine is an integral part of my headache management by helping me reduce the tension in my shoulders and back. Definitely a good purchase!

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