Cover-Roll Stretch 2in x 10yds -Hypoallergenic

Cover-Roll Stretch 2in x 10yds -Hypoallergenic

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Cover-Roll® Stretch retains the primary dressing on small to large wound sites and is ideal to use on areas of body requiring flexibility.

  • The soft, stretchable non-woven polyester material adapts well to body contours.
  • Provides light compression without causing constriction or congestion.
  • The polyacrylate adhesive holds dressing safely and reliably in place, even in presence of moisture.
  • Radio-transparent to eliminate the need to remove for x-ray examinations.
  • 100% latex-free components eliminate the risk of latex reactions.
  • May be cut to secure virtually any dressing
  • air and exudate permeable
  • adheres well even in presence of moisture
  • removes with ease and is pain free

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