Stander 30 Inch Safety Bed Rail & Padded Pouch

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The 30 inch Safety Bed Rail from Stander prevents rolling or falling out of bed and provides safety and security when getting in and out of bed. This foldable bed rail folds down on the side of the bed to make it easy to get in and out of bed. Collapsing the rail out of the way also allows caretakers to access bed-ridden patients or simply makes it easy to make the bed or change the linens. The 30 inch Safety Bed Rail is reversible and can be placed on either side of the bed. The collapsible bed rail is 23 inches high from the base of the mattress. The included safety strap runs underneath the mattress and buckles to the bed frame, preventing the rail from slipping or sliding. Securing your bed rail with the safety strap will also decrease risk of entrapment by keeping your rail firmly next to your mattress. The 30 inch Safety Bed Rail can be easily assembled and installed on most traditional and platform bed types. It is designed to keep a low profile while matching the look and feel of your home. Much like a cane, walker or grab bar, the 30 inch Safety Bed Rail will soon become an essential part of your loved ones safety and independence.
• Prevent Falls: The 30-inch wide guard rail helps to prevent rolling and falling out of bed during the night.
• Bed Assist Bar: Use the standing handle grab bar to transfer out of bed and to a walker, rollator or wheelchair.
• Foldable Bed Rail: The hideaway bed railing swings downward 180 degrees to lay flat against the side of the bed to easily make the bed or change the linens.
• Patient Care: Gain easy access to bed-ridden patients by pivoting the bed rail down and out of the way.
• Strong and Durable: The bed assist rail is made of durable steel that can support weights up to 300 pounds.
• Modern Design: The black rail frame seamlessly blends in with the style and feel of any home.
• Versatile Use: The 30 inch long bed rail is compatible with most traditional and platform beds and can be used on both sides of the bed.
• Mattress Heights: Use the 30 inch Safety Rail on mattresses that are between 10" and 19" thick. Do not use with an extra soft mattress.
• Compatible Bed Types: The 30" Safety Bed Rail is not intended for use with adjustable beds, toddler beds, water beds, inflatable beds or bunk beds.
• Easy Installation: To install the bedrail, slide the base tubes between the mattress and box spring and buckle the safety strap around the bed frame.

Product Dimensions:
• Bed Rail Length: 30 inches
• Height of Rail: 23 inches
• Weight: 12 pounds
• Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
• Gap between Bars: 3 inches
• Fits Mattress Heights: 10-19 inches

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