Self Seal Steam Autoclave Sterilization pouches3.5x10-600 pouches

Self Seal Steam Autoclave Sterilization pouches3.5x10-600 pouches

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Self Seal Steam Autoclave Sterilization pouches, 3.5" x 10", 200 per box ( price for 3 pack) - each pack with 200 pouches Total 600 pouches

Professionals Choice: Self Seal Steam Autoclave Sterilization pouches, 3.5" x 10", 200 per box.
**Class 4 Sterilization (Multi-parameter) approved!
Note: These are in self-seal format which ensures easy and quick closure

Self-Sealing Pouches

Tattoo Sterilization / Dental Sterilization Pouches

Tattoo Sterilization is of utmost importance and it’s essential to use the right sterilizer pouches when cleaning instruments in an autoclave. So very often, true tattoo enthusiasts and artists consider tattooing their artwork from their home.
Some of the world’s finest tattoo artists, had their beginnings in this manner, and eventually saved enough money to get a shop. However, laws exist in most states across the country which prohibits tattooing without a clean and sterile environment.
To ensure proper sterilization practices are followed, typically a health code inspector will come to the artist’s home/studio. Their job is to inspect the area, and make sure the facility meets extremely high levels of cleanliness



Tack points above chevron at corners reduce paper curl.


Thumb notched for ease of loading and opening under sterile conditions.


Unique blue film darkens to show seal strength, therefore unacceptable seals are clearly visible.


Professional Tattoo Artists understand the need for sterilization pouches, as well as the reasoning behind such laws.
It is common knowledge that tattooing repeatedly punctures a persons’ skin, while injecting small amounts of ink as it pierces the skin thousands of times. If the artist performing the work does not use the right Tattoo Sterilization practices, then the opportunity for infection is increased drastically.
The best way to practice infection control is to first purchase a machine called an autoclave sterilizer. So what is an autoclave? According to Wikipedia
An autoclave is a device to sterilize equipment and supplies by subjecting them to high pressure steam at 121° C or more. It was invented by Charles Chamberland in 1879.
Now a day, this particular piece of equipment is quite often smaller than a microwave, and in most cases, utilizes a combination of heat, pressure, and steam to achieve sterilization inside. Although some machines use a method called “dry heat”� sterilization they are very few and far between.
It is now vital that every single in-home studio or commercially located shop to invest in tattoo sterilization supplies and equipment. However, there is one main disposable sterilization product which can be used universally for hospitals and tattoo parlors alike. That product is a sterilization pouch. They feature:

  • Easy to close and peel open.
  • Self-sealing.
  • Has both internal and external Indicators.
  • Safe for use in any steam Autoclave Sterilizer.
  • Contains medical-grade, virgin, non-recycled kraft paper.
  • Lead-free inks.
  • Clear film easy removable for rapid instrument access.
  • 200 pouches per box.

One final note regarding tattoo sterilization, before working on anyone, the artist should always sterilize their hands, arms and sanitize the working area. Wearing proper barrier protection such as exam gloves in addition to inspecting themselves for any lacerations, cuts or abrasions is also important

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