Mediflow Anti-Allergen Pillow Protector ( 2x Pillow Cover )

Mediflow Anti-Allergen Pillow Protector ( 2x Pillow Cover )

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Anti-Allergen Pillow Protectors

One of the best things you can do when you invest in a new pillow is to cover it with a quality zippered Anti-Allergen Pillow Protector.  You can greatly prolong the life and performance of your pillow by keeping it clean and free from stains and odor. Your Anti-Allergen Pillow Protector can easily be replaced with a clean one and laundered when you change the sheets on your bed.  Your pillow will stay fresh and smell as clean as a fresh clean set of sheets.

The best choice for a quality pillow protector is the Mediflow® Anti-Allergen 100% cotton pillow protector.  The Mediflow® anti-allergen pillow protector provides all of the function of a standard pillow protector with the added benefit of total protection from mold and mildew.  Unlike lower quality plastic covers the Mediflow® Anti-Allergen cover is made from 240 thread count, 100% cotton.  This means the pillow and cover can breathe which makes it very comfortable and prevents the cover and pillow from trapping moisture which can cause mold, mildew and bacteria.  

The certified “Sanitized®” finish on the natural cotton fabric used in the Mediflow®  Anti-Allergen covers is long lasting and will continue to perform regardless of how many times it is washed.  In addition to protection from mold, mildew and bacteria the Sanitized® finish also protects against mites and bed bugs since they feed on mold mildew and bacteria and will not be present if there is no food source.

Look for the “Sanitized®” certification whenever you buy textiles and bedding products, it is your assurance that you will enjoy lasting protection from mold, mildew, bacteria an odor.  Every Sanitized® certified product is approved and tested repeatedly by Sanitized® AG in Switzerland

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