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DonJoy Telescoping TROM Advance

  • $259.00



The Telescoping TROM Advance (Total Range of Motion) is DonJoy's premier telescoping technology to provide the ultimate fit, comfort and adjustability while giving clinicians broader range of motion options.  Tele-Fit allows independent strap movement of the proximal and distal of knee, allowing an overall better fit.  Quick-lock mechanism and quick-release buckles included.



  • Tele-fit allows independent strap movement proximal and distal of knee allowing an overall better fit
  • Telescoping adjustability from 17.75" to 23.25"
  • Quick-lock mechanism from (negative) -10° to 90°
  • Quick release buckles
  • Sili-Grip Strap Pads


    Thigh circumference taken 6" above mid-patella 
    TROM Advance, Cool < 26" (< 66 cm)
    TROM Advance, Cool, XL > 26" (> 66 cm)
    TROM Advance, Full Foam < 26" (< 66 cm)
    TROM Advance, Full Foam, XL > 26" (> 66 cm)

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