Deluxe- Massage Table Warmer Pad - 30"X73"

  • $82.00

Fleece Massage Table Warmer
Add relaxing warmth to any massage table!

Standard Warming Pad

One of the most common complaints heard by bodyworkers, especially when the client first gets into position on their massage table, is how cold the table's surface feels on the client's bare skin. This pad can rapidly eliminate that problem. This massage warming pads are 73 inches by 30 inches. Because it is comfortable and soft to the skin, it can be used during the massage, as well as before, to heat up the table's surface.

To set-up and begin using your Fleece Warming Pad, Follow these easy steps:

1. Unfold and lay your warming pad flat on the table, strap side down. The controller and cord should hang down the head end of table.

2. To secure the warming pad to the table, slide each of the elastic straps around its respective corner of the table.

3. Remove and folds or bunching in the fleece warming pad before using it.

6 months warranty 

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