Body Positioning Pregnancy Therapy Cushion

  • $249.00


  • Ultimate Comfort Positioning Cushion
  • Choose the Pregnancy Cushion Bolster Package to enhance the treatment experience for your pregnant patients so they obtain the ultimate comfort!
  • Reduces pressure in sensitive areas, and is useful for pregnant women, anyone with a larger middle section and post-surgery patients
  • Position the bolsters by using this full body system for optimal relaxation of the muscles and to provide support for our lumps and bumps!
  • Suitable for Pregnant and Postpartum Patients
  • Provide Comfort for both Face Up and Down Position
  • Offer Relief for Stress and Muscle Tension
  • Complete Access to Body Parts and Muscle Groups
  • Color: Black
Package Includes:Ā 
  • Adjustable Head Cradle, Thoracic/Chest Cushion, Pelvic Support Cushion, Side Support Cushions, Leg Bolsters, and Travel Case #15

*Note this item is only available in black*

*Please note, if this item is shipped to a remote or air stage location, customer service may contact you for a small additional shipping fee*

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