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Fundamentally, the Armaid is a lever that lets you effectively apply the trigger point therapy technique. It can help you prevent and recover from maladies such as Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow, Tendinitis, and De Quervain's syndrome.

So, how does it work? The Armaid has three basic parts: A non-skid base, a large arm with a stationary permanent roller, and an adjustable small arm that holds the interchangeable therapy roller attachments.

The non-skid base stabilizes the tool, usually on your leg, but could be on a tabletop, wall, or any flat surface. The large arm comfortably supports the muscle you are working on during therapy. The smaller, adjustable arm holds the therapy roller, which is the real workhorse for applying trigger point therapy.

With the Armaid youā€™ll be building a committed relationship to recovery. So donā€™t rush your therapy - start slow and listen for feedback from your body.

TravelĀ bag included * Low flat-feeĀ shipping on US orders *30-day money-back guarantee * Lifetime warranty * Made in USA of globally-sourcedĀ materials


  1. Orange RollerĀ 
  2. Grey RollerĀ 
  3. Yellow Roller
  4. Black Roller


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I love the Armand. I have only used it 4 times and Iā€™m already feeling improvements in the tightness of my forearms. It is so much easier than trying to manually massage my own arms. I can see me using this tool daily, after I graduate and start working as a massage therapist.

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