Swede-O Thermal Vent Carpal Tunnel Brace with Thumb Spica

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Product Summary

The Swede-O® Thermal Vent® Carpal Tunnel Brace with Thumb Spica provides comfortable support and compression to help relieve pain and discomfort associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI, skiers thumb, and other wrist and thumb related injuries.

This product has a removable 6" palmar support and a removable 7" contoured aluminum thumb splint to help restrict wrist and thumb motions that may aggravate nerves, tendons, or ligaments. The adjustable thumb closure ensures desired thumb positioning and the adjustable wrist closures provide a custom fit. This product contours to the natural shape of the wrist and thumb for increased comfort and support. Specify left or right hand when ordering.

Thermal Vent: Engineered with MVT2

Thermal Vent Supports are a valuable aid to help rehabilitate injured tissue. These products provide warmth and heat therapy to help increase pliability and elasticity of muscles and tendons making them more responsive to therapy and exercise.

The layered thermal lining features a soft, nylon material that wicks away moisture and a microventilated, breathable membrane that captures and retains your natural body heat to ease pain. This allows moist air to escape keeping the skin comfortable. With unsurpassed quality, these supports provide gentle compression and warmth to help reduce swelling and associated pain as well as promote recovery. 

STATEMENT OF USE: Stabilizes the thumb and significantly reduces motion.

INSTRUCTIONS OF USE: Step 1: Slip product over hand and position the metal thumb splint on the outside of the thumb and the metal palmer support on the inside of the wrist. Step 2: Wrap the strap around thumb and secure. Step 3: Wrap the adjustable straps around the wrist and secure. If you have questions about the use of this product consult your health care professional.

WASH/CARE: Regularly hand wash cold, mild soap, and hang dry; close all hook and loop fasteners to prevent damage to other fabrics.

1 Year Warranty, Satisfaction Guaranteed

BRE-6853-L-GR-XSS 8 x 4" 20.3 x 10.2 cm 
BRE-6853-L-GR-MED 9 x 4.25" 22.9 x 10.8 cm 
BRE-6853-L-GR-LXL 9 x 4.5" 22.9 x 11.4 cm 
BRE-6853-R-GR-XSS 8 x 4" 20.3 x 10.2 cm 
BRE-6853-R-GR-MED 9 x 4.25" 22.9 x 10.8 cm 
BRE-6853-R-GR-LXL 9 x 4.5" 22.9 x 11.4 cm

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Hua Zhang

Good for sleep.

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