M-Brace Castor Lumbar Sacral Brace (w/o Panels) - #572

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Castor Lumbar Sacral Brace (without Panels) - #572


• Lumbago, sciatica and ischialgia.
• Lumbar-Sacral pain of other origin and nature.
• Disc complaints.
• Spondylo-arthrosis.
• Osteoporosis related lumbar vertebrae complaints.
• Para-vertebral lumbar muscle spasm.
• Light trauma of the lumbar-sacral column.
• Practical and easy to fit, it adapts perfectly to your body.
• This corset acts as a corrective measure and as a support to postural defects.
• Breathable and non allergenic, 100% cotton
• Back is 13” high
• Front is 8” high


This LumbLock Lumbar-Sacral Brace acts as an immobilizing device for the lumbar-sacral region and itsʼ primary function is to reduce pain caused by lumbago, sciatica and ischialgia. Made with semi-rigid cotton fabric, it enjoys a structure made with eight selfmodeling and flexible steel stays on which a number of rigid straps slide. When the locking system is pulled and secured at the front, the inside straps stiffen the entire structure, thus effectively immobilizing the lumbar-sacral region. Practical and easy to wear, this LumbLock brace perfectly adapts to whatever size and body type, thus ensuring maximum support and comfort at the desired tension. Through a new locking technology, operated by means of two crossing bands, the closing system is totally user friendly and allows a wide range of elastic tension settings. The Extra-LumbLock braces (573) carry two additional sleeves at the back where custom moldable, anodized aluminum stays have been inserted. Although the rigidity of these braces has been remarkably increased, the comfort characteristics remain unaltered. 

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