Revitive Ultralieve Ultrasound Device

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Revitive Medic Pain Relief is an easy to use drug free home therapeutic ultrasound device designed to effectively support the repair of sprains and strains by treating them at the source.

Revitive Medic Pain Relief is designed to relieve pain by supporting the healing process to aid tissue repair. Whether it’s gardening, cycling, looking after the kids, going for a long walk or a physically demanding job, the ability to move with freedom is vital to your everyday life.

Revitive Medic Pain Relief uses very high frequency sound vibrations (so high they cannot be felt) to stimulate tissue up to 5cm beneath the skin’s surface. Non-thermal ultrasound, as used by Ultralieve+, speeds up the healing process by allowing the body to better transport proteins that are the essential building blocks to generate new tissue. For the example of a ligament tear, the application of ultrasound can help speed up production of collagen.

Ultimately, Revitive Medic Pain Relief supports your body’s natural healing process so you can get back to your best.

  • Designed to relieve pain by supporting the healing process to aid tissue repair
  • Emits sound waves which penetrate up to a depth of 5cm
  • Recommended by health professionals
  • Drug free


 Frequency 1MHz
Modes Low (20%), Medium (33%), High (50%)
Power Supply Input

AC 100-240V  50/60Hz, 18W

Effective Intensity

2.4 W/cm2

Power Supply Output

DC 15V, 1.2A



Duration (min)

5-15 with auto turn off


2 years

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Maureen McRae

Being able to self treat an injury allows physio-therapist more time for other treatment options. Fairly easy to use, but can be a little tricky to manage wand depending on what area of body one is treating. (eg treating one self, it is hard sometimes not to accidentally touch controls when treating glutes or back)

Joyce McDonald

It works great. I used it where my pain was and it took most of the pain right away and the little pain left was gone in a couple of hours. The machine is awesome.

Pam Mutter

So far appears to be helping alliviate some pain and stiffness in my foot and joints between my thumb and hand. Have told friends and family about results so far

Elyse Verville

Revitive Ultralieve Ultrasound Device

Marie-Diane Drouin

Je suis très satisfaite de ce produit, très facile à utiliser.

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