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Product Summary

Product Benefits: 

  • Leukotape is a trusted kinesiology tape that widely used among healthcare professional in Canada 
  • This athletic tape provides multiple therapeutic effects so your patients can go back to doing what they love 
  • Leukotape is specially designed to offer maximum, longwearing comfort to the patient 
  • This athletic tape is also suitable to wear in wet conditions and removes easily without leaving a sticky residue

Product Details:

  • Lightweight and non-irritating 
  • Longwearing 
  • Each roll is 7.5cm wide, 5 metres long
  • Sold as an individual roll 
  • Beige color only

Treatment / Prevention of the following Injuries:

  • Pain reduction 
  • Increased muscle flexibility and strength 
  • Help with joint function Stimulating of mechanical receptors in the skin 
  • Help with lymphatic function 
  • Recovery of shoulder and knee injuries 
  • Improves poor proprioception

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