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Massage Stone Set 30Pcs

  • $96.99

The Deluxe 30 Pcs massage stone set combines 8 medium ovular basalts, 6 small ovular basalts, 8 toes, 6 Malteser basalt and 2 pressure point basalt stones. By using this basalt stone set, you can provide your client with an extremely comfortable foot massage, transferring heat and energy, and delivering a pressured massage to specific tense areas. The natural bamboo box is handmade to provide an efficient storage place for your stones.


Benefits and Effects of Hot Stone Therapy:

  • Increases circulation, facilitating maximum blood for optimum body functioning.
  • Increase the pulse, therefore the heat pumps faster.
  • Increase lymphatic function, thereby increasing detoxification, cleansing, and elimination.
  • Grates a feeling of balance and harmony.
  • Gives the client a deeper sense of relaxation more quickly.
  • Less tiring for the therapist.

Helpful hints when using the stones

  • Always use stones slightly wet and well oiled ( but not dripping)
  • Make sure the client’s skin is well lubricated with the selected oil with aromatic formulae for the client’s skin type.
  • Avoid clicking the stones together
  • Always rinse off stones and your hands in between clients.

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