HSU Dual Fit Stool Protector Made in Canada

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Make Your Stool Look Brand New Again!

  • Made in Canada
  • Fits 14” & 15” stools ( with 3” depths)
  • Easily stretched over your existing stool
  • Fitted with a sewn-in woven elastic
  • Topstitching for strength and style
  • Made with materials rated for Spa, Therapy & Healthcare settings
  • Covered with anti-microbial, anti-fungal & anti-stain DuraSpa PVC Vinyl
  • Waterproof, wipaeble & easy to clean
  • Can handle frequent cleaning with harsh cleaners/disinfectants
  • Ultra-Durable, and ultra-super soft material rated for 1.5 million double-rubs!
  • Does not include stool


Weight: 0.25kg

Dimensions: 15" x 4"

Why Buy the HSU Dual Fit Stool Protector?

Is the vinyl on your stool cracked or ripped and you aren't quite ready to replace it? the HSU Dual Fit Stool Protector is the perfect solution to extend the life of your stool(s)! Made with ultra-durable, yet soft DuraSpa material, it is easy to clean & disinfect often between treatments while not having to worry about it breaking down.

DuraSpa Vinyl Properties

DuraSpa, HSU’s premium quality PVC vinyl material has superior resistance to tearing and abrasion with 2-way stretch and rated at over 1.5 million “double-rubs”. 

Retains the ultra-soft feel of polyurethane (PU) fabric but with the durability of a PVC fabric. DuraSpa is finished with Endurepel™ Armour making it able to stand up to any harsh/medical-grade cleaners recommended by Health Canada* and makes cleaning easier. In fact, most spills can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth.

HSU Dual-Fit Stool Protectors are designed to make your stool look like it has been newly upholstered and fits both 14" and 15" stools with up to a 3" depth. The sleek topstitching on all the seams adds a professional aesthetic bit also adds the signature quality and durability that HSU products are famous for.

The Made in Canada Difference

  • All HSU products are made locally in Hamilton, ON, Canada with love
  • We source all our materials from Canadian suppliers
  • Small batch production with un-matched attention to detail
  • All products come with our HSU Certified 90-Day money-back guarantee

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