Handheld Sanitizer 20W UVC20

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EPA Registered

High-power, handheld UVC wands of different lengths that have a controlled exposure area to protect users. Mainly for surface sanitization of corners, doors, handles, toilets, etc. Devices can also be mounted on a wifi-controlled outlet to be used when no humans are present — either hanging from a ceiling, wall or sitting upright vertically on its balanced supports.


Intended Use

  • 220nm to 280nm nominal 254 nm UVC, 360° room sanitizer between patients and customers.

  • Effective room air pathogen reduction device.

  • Surface disinfection of surfaces: walls, tables, furniture, fixtures, and high-contact items.

  • Floor disinfection against viruses, bacteria, mold.

  • Natural virus destruction without any resistance build-up.

  • Stable enough to stand vertically on its own.

  • Easy to hang from cables for large area sanitizing.

  • Easy to hold by hand for sanitizing corners, crevices, car interiors in seconds.

Technical Specifications

  • Construction: Solid aluminum, with protection grid

  • Dimensions: 6.5" x 6.5" x 40" (UVC-85); 6.5" x 6.5" x 21" (UVC-40); 6.5" x 6.5" x 15" (UVC-20)

  • Operation: Standing vertically, hanging, or handheld

  • Frequency of use: As often as desired

  • Enclosure: Quartz secondary protection of the lamps with stainless steel cage

  • Light source: Hard quartz, non-ozone type

  • Number of lamps: 1 lamp

  • Power input: 120/240 VAC, 60 Hz/50 Hz

  • Amperage: 1 Amp @ 120 VAC (UVC-85); 0.5 Amp @ 120 VAC (UVC-40); 0.25 Amp @ 120 VAC (UVC-20)

  • Power inlet: EMC filtration (hospital grade) at the power inlet

  • Power cord: Standard, 15 Amp @120 VAC IEC grounded with fuses

  • Lamp Life: 16,000 hours

  • Safety devices: Entry fuses, on/off switch, delay timer


Do not look directly at the lamps without wearing eye protection. Always wear gloves, cover skin and direct away from people and animals. Do not expose skin to the light; it may cause severe burns in a few seconds.

Regulatory Approvals

EPA Registered, Conforms to CSA/NRTL/ANSI, UL1431 standards manufactured with ISO 13485-2016 quality controls.

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