Hagina Japanese Mint Oil 20ml

Hagina Japanese Mint Oil 20ml

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HAGINA 100% Pure Japanese Mint Oil. A natural mint essential oil product that has a deep heating and penetrating effect. The oil is extracted through steam distillation and no other oil has been added. Japanese Mint Oil is known to be beneficial against rheumatic pain. Just a few drops massaged into the skin, stimulates circulation. HAGINA Japanese Mint oil is used by professional therapists, and is the highest quality Mint oil available on the market.

  • Highest and Purest Quality Available. Helps Promote circulation, Relieves tight muscles and muscle cramps
  • Useful when treating sprains, strains swelling and dislocations.
  • Headache relief when massaged on temples and back of neck
  • Rub on chest for head and chest cold relief
  • Sinus congestion relief, add a few drops to a basin of hot water, inhale, keeping eyes closed

Customer Reviews

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Emma Locke-Branch

Hagina Japanese Mint Oil 20ml

Jody Gorski
Awesome product

Great product!
Rated lower as it leaked all over from shipping unfortunately.
Great customer service though :)
Will buy more! Awesome for after massage on back of neck

Amazing product

I use it in my marijuana cream.

Debra Zaharia
Japanese Mint Oil

this oil is excellent for sore muscles and knee problems.

Kathleen McIlroy

It is excellent

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