Germosolve 5 Disinfectant  3.78 L

Germosolve 5 Disinfectant 3.78 L

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During the current COVID-19 crisis the pricing of all PPE supplies (eg. masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfectant products) has been highly inflated due to the unavailability of these products in the market. 

Our pricing will also fluctuate due to market trends, but we will do our utmost to keep our pricing fair. Due to hygiene and quality reasons we do not accept any returns on these types of products. Please also understand, we will not be offering any form of credits or refunds for pricing decreases as the products become more readily available. Thank you for your understanding.

Disinfectant Cleaner & Deodorizer

Germosolve 5 is a new generation quaternary ammonium formulation that can disinfect in as little as 5 seconds. Effective against bacteria and viruses including H1N1, Influenza A, Staph, Norovirus, HIV, HBV, and HCV. 

Additional Info

  • Brand:Vision

  • Product Code:32351

  • DIN:02425807

Physical Properties
  • pH:10.0 to 11.0

  • Colour:Purple

  • Fragrance:Lavender

  • Dilution Rate::Ready to use

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