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BOSU Balance Trainer

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The BOSU Balance Trainer is by far the most popular piece of fitness equipment on the market today. Its unique design makes it perfect for personal training, sports conditioning, rehabilitation, balance, core and boot camp workouts. The BOSU is known as a Total Training System because it allows users to work on and improve everything from cardio and strength to balance and flexibility!

The BOSU Balance Trainer (''Both Sides Utilized'') is the latest in balance training. BOSU combines the challenge of a ball with the safety of a balance board.

Vary your workouts and balance challenge by using the BOSU Balance Trainer with the platform either up or down. This popular hybrid product offers a complete approach to training. Suitable for any age or ability.

BOSU training will enhance performance across a wide continuum of activities including sport, recreation and daily tasks. BOSU will also:

• Improve full body strength and coordination
• Great exercise tool for all skill levels
• Gain core strength, trim, and tone
• Includes the Total Body Workout DVD
• Also includes Pump and Manual

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